• Value factor: how to look for profit on rates?
    July 10, 2019 By domainke 0 comments

    Value (or value) is a term that is familiar to all players in modern betting. Although about 10 years ago this word caused an astonished expression on the face of many sports betting enthusiasts and a complete misunderstanding of what was at stake. Now everyone understands that value is, more simply, a bet with an.

  • Handicap betting: how to take advantage
    July 9, 2019 By domainke 0 comments

    As you know, handicap is one of the main positions for bets in any sport, including football, which is the most popular sport on our planet. As expected, in this sport you can bet on a negative head start, as well as on a positive one. In addition, there is a type of bet “handicap.

  • Mathematical rates. Betting on an outsider - what is the reason?
    July 8, 2019 By domainke 0 comments

    For those who have not yet experienced the effects of overbetting, we will briefly tell you what the point is. In the simplest case, when there are only two outcomes: a and b, we can determine the bookmaker margin by the formula: M = (1 / a + 1 / b) ∗ 100% But in.

  • Fear has big eyes: a game at high quotes
    July 7, 2019 By domainke 0 comments

    There was a short break in the traditional issues, but today we are again ready to discuss with you, dear readers, the pressing topics of betting. So, today we’ll talk about a topic that I’m interested in, I think, of many: about bets on high quotes. Not everyone accepts a similar (aggressive) style of play..

  • MLS as a substitute for top championships
    July 6, 2019 By domainke 0 comments

    Our editorial staff continues to share with you not only forecasts for various sporting events, but also third-party materials relating to the general theme of betting. Today I would like to tell you about why waiting for the resumption of the leading European club football championships is in the company of such a championship as.

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