Handicap betting: how to take advantage

  • Handicap betting: how to take advantage

    Handicap betting: how to take advantage

    July 9, 2019 By domainke 0 comments

    As you know, handicap is one of the main positions for bets in any sport, including football, which is the most popular sport on our planet. As expected, in this sport you can bet on a negative head start, as well as on a positive one. In addition, there is a type of bet “handicap with zero”, which implies an expense in the event of a tie outcome of the match.

    Negative handicap
    This type of handicap implies your choice of a bet on the difference with which this or that team wins. Often the player chooses this type of bet in matches where there is a clear favorite / grand, which, according to the bettor, should not just take three points, but achieve a major victory, and there are a lot of options for that. A handicap with a value of (-1) is most often chosen in order to strengthen not the highest quotes for a simple victory, if they give odds that are not very acceptable for the game. Larger handicaps should be considered much better.

    In the top championships of the planet in football, you should always be wary of minus odds to the grandees. On paper, such matches always look very predictable – they say there is a top team that plays at home and accepts a very weak opponent. However, to be sure that the favorite will be able to give all the best and really defeat the vis-a-vis, it is worth considering many factors – in what form both teams are and what is the next calendar for the grand. If there are a number of difficult games ahead, or maybe right after the championship match there is a game in European competitions, it is better not to get into negative odds. After all, then the grand can play in the economical mode, relying primarily on the achievement of the result. In addition, it is necessary to understand the general principle of the grand game – after all, not every top team in modern football seeks to smash their counterparts in each round. Often we see that the head coaches put primarily on the result, and not on beautiful and devastating football.

    It is also important to understand what the personnel situation is in the camp of the opponent. If the latter is experiencing significant personnel problems in the defense line or in the supporting zone, then handicaps of a minus character make sense. If the underdog team is in good shape and combat composition, the chances that the negative handicap will play are not so great. In modern football, many teams have learned to park “buses” and play from an opponent. “Small” clubs prefer to close and wait for their chance, even if they started minimally losing. Therefore, there are more sensations, and the grandees are not so often now smashing their rivals. Rocking a dense defense is not very easy, and far from even every grand in modern football has everything necessary for proper creativity.

    So it is best to play minus odds in the top championships very carefully and be more attentive to this type of bet in less promoted championships, where there is a real class difference between the teams, not only on paper, but also on the football field. As for the top championships, it is best to play negative odds when the rival of the grand is really out of shape and has a lot of key defense problems that will prevent this line from playing harmoniously. In addition, you can pay attention to such bets, if the top team needs to achieve a goal difference or in the case when there was a change of head coach, from which the team is already tired. A vivid example of this is the castling of Jose Mourinho at Ole Gunnar Solskher in Manchester United. In the first match with the Norwegian, the Mankunians defeated Cardiff City 5-1 on the road, and the reason was the lack of fetters of the Portuguese mentor.

    Plus odds
    Positive odds are more often used by players in those cases when they believe that the team will fight weaker with the stronger one and, avoiding bolder bets on the outcome or not losing, try to play it safe.

    Such bets are good to use in cases where the underdog is in good shape, and their opponent, who is a favorite on paper, is currently not so good or in fact does not exceed the counterpart at all. It is also worth paying attention to teams that always follow their style of play and even starting to lose to the giants, do not run to recoup, continuing to follow their classic game plan. Such teams very rarely fall apart and settle for defeat. One of the striking examples of such groups is Rafa Benitez’s Newcastle, who always plays strictly, fights to the last with any top team and loses modestly and with dignity.

    Plus handicaps should also be considered in matches with grands in national championships on the eve of their matches in the UEFA Champions League or immediately after those. After all, the main European Cup tournament is of great importance for top teams, it takes away a lot of their strength and emotions, as a result of which the giants do not always have enough strength and emotions for several matches in a row. And in the championship in such cases, they sometimes strive to put more on the result than on the beautiful and devastating game in its execution.

    Handicap zero
    Handicap bets (0) are most often used in cases where players consider the chances of one of the teams to be good to win, but are 100% unsure of this and seek to ensure against a draw, while also hoping to grab a bigger jackpot than when betting on a double chance (the team will not lose). These types of bets are suitable for matches where the winning quotes are equal or in favor of those teams that are considered a small underdog. However, personally, I prefer to bet in such cases on the outcome that seems more realistic – be it a victory or a draw.

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