Fear has big eyes: a game at high quotes

  • Fear has big eyes: a game at high quotes

    Fear has big eyes: a game at high quotes

    July 7, 2019 By domainke 0 comments

    There was a short break in the traditional issues, but today we are again ready to discuss with you, dear readers, the pressing topics of betting. So, today we’ll talk about a topic that I’m interested in, I think, of many: about bets on high quotes. Not everyone accepts a similar (aggressive) style of play. However, I try to adhere to just such and try to argue in the framework of my material with those who believe that low quotes are always justified and fraught with a win.

    Majority opinion
    Most (and overwhelmingly) players in the bookmakers are of the opinion that if the odds for an event in the line are “large”, then there is simply no chance to win on it. And many players (especially newcomers to this matter) think in about the same format and consider the odds for any bet, the quotation of which is from 2 onwards, to be incredible. But all this is nothing more than stereotypes. Of course, bookmakers in their quotes lay down the probability of each event in the match, and where quotes are lower, the likelihood of such a result in the match is logically considered higher. But this does not mean at all that such a choice will mean a win. After all, people play in any sport, not quotes from the line, and in each event it is necessary to conduct your own analysis, and not rely solely on the opinions of bookmakers. Moreover, they often themselves make erroneous assessments and express their opinion in such a way that it differs significantly from reality. But gullible and inexperienced players blindly follow the favorite and simply put in that direction due to the fact that the bookmakers presented the situation in this or that match.

    In fact, everything is completely different: low quotes will let you down as often as high ones. Especially if you approach the bid without proper analysis. If the conditional Real Madrid take the team from last place on their field and their victory is 1.1, this does not mean that the royal club will definitely win or beat the end result. It is possible that it would be much more profitable to put an opponent on the goal or a positive head start in their direction.

    Often, players instead of playing something nice for 3, collect a bunch of cheap options in an express, in which, by tradition, only one match will not go.

    Most players become hostages to stereotypes that the lower the coefficient, the greater the chance of its passage. The lower the quotes, the greater the likelihood of the passage of this event according to the bookmakers and, probably, the players themselves (if we see the movement of the line). But this is only a probability (a kind of forecast) and nothing more. In fact, any bet after its placement has a chance of 50 to 50. Just because the event may or may not happen. If all options with favorites took place always and everywhere, and similar quotes took place regularly, then there would be no bookmakers themselves.

    But it’s impossible to convince almost anyone in this sense, and many betting fans, especially beginners, remain hostages of their own fear and cannot put on “big” odds and, for example, instead of playing something nice for 3, they collect a lot of cheap penny express, in which, according to tradition, only one match will not go. But I don’t see any point in such a game, when it is possible to find a decent coefficient in one match and wait for the passage of just one event instead of 10 …

    Personal experience
    Of course, in those distant days, when I myself took my first steps in betting, while still very young and completely inexperienced, I also came to the booth, picked up the express from the favorites and then waited for success in the hope of coming after the weekend and getting a stack of notes. It wasn’t here: I don’t remember that at least one of these expresses passed me, and then I began to understand that all this is complete garbage – follow the opinions of bookmakers everywhere and rely on the status of favorites. One of the first bets with a good odds, which I won, was probably P2P1 for the final match of the UEFA Champions League, when Barcelona played against Arsenal. I went to this choice for a long time, thinking about its feasibility and analyzing the last matches with the participation of teams. As a result, the Gunners won the first half, but lost the entire match, and I received a good amount of money at that time.

    Over the years, I was more and more imbued with the game at high quotes and non-standard options.

    By that time, I was no longer too afraid of high quotes and non-standard thoughts or choices in a line, and became more and more involved in this kind of game. I turned over my attitude to fear of high quotes, probably, the words of one of the guests of the bookmaker who said something like “they are playing better than Tottenham Hotspur now, and what difference does it make that they are higher than 3! If you are sure, you need to play, and not look at quotes! ” Spurs then played either with Reading or Bolton, and at that time were indeed not in the best condition, unlike the opponent. As a result, the Londoners lost, and I thought about the words of a more experienced player; the age difference between us was like an abyss, I guess. And over the years I became more and more imbued with the game at high quotes and non-standard options. Of course, to this day I can make some kind of express from low quotes (just not very scanty – I can’t stand them) and put on ordinary quotes (like 1.7 or 1.85), but for the most part I try to look for “value »In the line of bookmakers or just something adventurous, but with a foundation. Moreover, the real reason, and not just because there is a high coefficient. And those who have read or are reading my blogs and forecasts perfectly know and understand what I’m talking about.

    What conclusion can be drawn from the foregoing? Very simple. The manner of playing of any player has the right to exist, and no one has the right to decide for him how and where to put him more correctly. But with all this, I would like to give you one simple advice: do not look at quotes and do not be hostages of your own fear. Your final success does not depend on the size of the quotes. The success of bets depends on the proper analysis, the right choice and, of course, luck – without this, nowhere. Betting loves the brave, and he devours the cowardly with giblets!

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